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An open source energy system model initiative for Africa

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Build an African open source energy system model prototype based on PyPSA until the end of 2021. Much more is coming. Stay tuned!

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Create a useful alternative to closed-source energy system model for industry and research. Improve the energy data landscape.

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Freedom and openness is what we live and support. Collaboration is what we embrace. Ambition is what we dedicate to our planet.

What we do

Create scalable open source model and database

Our model developments focus on scalable methodologies that can be applied in Africa and beyond. If regions want to contribute to a better database, they can easily do so and immediately benefit from it in our model.

Establish African open source network

As an open source project we do stand not only stand on the shoulders of giants, but also on the shoulders of the community. Building up a strong user, developer and maintainer network is essential for us.

Initiate a stable open source support organization

Even open source projects need a stable organization to build trust and credibility. This is necessary to collect and allocate funds to brilliant contributers, making the tool most useful.

Empower African talents

We aim to create opportunities for talents from Africa to independently shape their continents energy future. By extending the European PyPSA model to the African continent, synergies and cross-fertilisation offer great opportunities for international collaboration.

Get involved!

Check out our Github repository

All of our model developments are open source and GPL3 licensed, meaning they must stay open. You can find our developments in the GitHub repository (click on header), where you can create issues, share ideas and discuss with us. Even the website you are looking at is open source. Feel free to use it and suggest improvements.

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Check out our Documentation

The documentation describes in more detail how you can contribute, how our project is structured and further provides the code documentation. Additionally, we share learning materials and some relevant talks and papers in the roam of PyPSA and African modelling. The documentation is also open, feel free to make it better.


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